Dave Brown VAT Consultant

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VAT Consultancy Services

Vat Consultant - Dave Brown - Listed Building Specialist Vat Consultant - Dave Brown - Listed Building Specialist
Vat Consultant - Dave Brown - Listed Building Specialist

What VAT problems do you have?  Alternatively, what VAT problems don’t you know that you might have?  I can help in the following ways:

  • Answering VAT questions.  You might wonder “What should I do about XXX?"  I can tell you.
  • VAT planning.  You might be planning changes within your business structure – I can tell you what the implications will be, and advise you of the most VAT-efficient way of structuring the change.  I am also cognisant that you should never simply change something for VAT purposes, without considering any potential knock-on effects on the direct tax or Corporation tax.
  • VAT assurance visits: you might have a VAT visit coming up.  I can talk you through what’s involved, or even perform a pseudo VAT visit to let you know what the VAT man might find.
  • VAT assessments: OK the VAT man has been, he’s found something wrong and has issued a VAT assessment.  I can tell you first of all whether it is correct, and if not, what legal remedies that you can employ.  If a formal appeal to the VAT Tribunal is desirable or obligatory, this can often be done, and achieved with HMRC picking up the bill for my costs, if successful.
  • Simple consultancy:  if you are in a position to require answers to questions about VAT on a day to day basis, I can offer a helpline service for a fixed sum. This will cover short telephone advice, and simple email advice to boot.  If the advice requires significant written content, or research, a further fee might be required.
  • Training:  in a large organisation it is all too easy to assume that your accounts staff are well versed in what they should be doing.  However, their VAT knowledge might well have been gained though doing “what the last person did.”  If you wish to send a delegate to a VAT conference in London, this could cost in the region of £400 to £700 per person.  I can devise a training session, tailored to your needs, for the same sort of fee for however many people you consider need the training.  This would be an interactive session, designed to counter all concerns of your staff.  Being in the comfort of your own premises, staff are more likely to ask questions to the presenter.